• Togue Brawn with Downeast Dayboat Scallops

    Photo Credit: Roman Jozefiak

    I want to show you how scallops are supposed to taste.

  • Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

    The world’s best-tasting scallops come from the icy-cold waters of Maine. And there’s a good reason why.

  • Maine Dayboat Out for Scallops

    Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

  • Dayboat catching scallops

    Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

  • Photo Credit: Perry N Moore

    Downeast Dayboat Scallops always pan sear perfectly

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  • Photo credit: Trish Cheney

    Delicious.  Sustainable. Direct to you.

Shipped within 24 hours

IMG_3544April 1 update: We will be shipping next week and the following (and possibly beyond) to help Maine fishermen keep fishing and folks across the country eat healthy, sustainable food.  Join our mailing list (see link at bottom of page) to be informed of details.  I hope to offer Maine-grown produce soon as well, and will send a newsletter when that happens.   

Be well, stay safe and thank you for your business – Togue

Here in Maine small boats fish within 3 miles of shore and are allowed to harvest only small quantities (up to 135 pounds) each day. This means they go out and come back within hours, so you get access to incredibly fresh scallops. At Downeast Dayboat, we carefully and quickly package their delicious catch for shipment directly to you, within 24 hours of harvest.

In contrast, over 95% of US sea scallops come from large boats that fish well offshore and harvest thousands of pounds on a single trip. Because they’re at sea for a week or more, their scallops are stored on ice. Over the course of the trip and their long journey to market, melting ice soaks into the scallops, waterlogging them and diluting their flavor. They’re often also soaked in chemical solutions to preserve and artificially plump them. That extra water adds weight so you end up paying more money for less flavor.

We believe you shouldn’t have to be in Maine to enjoy fresh, delicious seafood.

At Downeast Dayboat, we do things differently because we know super fresh Maine scallops deserve better treatment, and so do you. We ship the freshest, most delicious scallops you’ll ever taste – direct to your door.

So go ahead – Taste the Difference a Day Makes®

Maine’s state season is at an end, we are no longer shipping state water scallops.  Check back in mid-April for your opportunity to purchase the super-rare Northern Gulf of Maine scallops and other Maine seafood.

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