• Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

    The world’s best-tasting scallops come from the icy-cold waters of Maine. And there’s a good reason why.

  • Togue Brawn with Downeast Dayboat Scallops

    Photo Credit: Roman Jozefiak

    I want to show you how scallops are supposed to taste.

  • Maine Dayboat Out for Scallops

    Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

  • Dayboat catching scallops

    Photo Credit: Trish Cheney, Maine DMR

  • Photo Credit: Perry N Moore

    Downeast Dayboat Scallops always pan sear perfectly

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  • Photo credit: Trish Cheney

    Delicious.  Sustainable. Direct to you.

Seafood handled with the respect it deserves so you get the quality you crave.


Scallops are our passion, but we’re now offering even more Maine dayboat products.  Shipments go out monthly from June through November; weekly December through May. Next shipment will be late September/early October (pending weather).

At Downeast Dayboat, we don’t have a warehouse – our seafood stays on the ocean floor until you order it.  We coordinate with all our fishermen and small-scale producers to ensure your premium small boat product is carefully handled and packaged and quickly shipped to your door via FedEx Priority Overnight.

Most Americans have never tasted pure, fresh seafood because traditional distribution can’t provide it.  Downeast Dayboat can. We work with small boats fishing the cold, clear waters of the Gulf of Maine and with aquaculturists who’ve refined their craft to produce the very best seafood available anywhere.  Go ahead – Taste the difference a day makes™


We believe you shouldn’t have to be in Maine to enjoy fresh, delicious seafood.

At Downeast Dayboat, we do things differently because we know super fresh Maine seafood deserves better treatment, and so do you. We ship the freshest, most delicious seafood you’ll ever taste – direct to your door.

So go ahead – Taste the Difference a Day Makes®

Next shipment will be sent in late September/early October: join our mailing list to receive updates on purchase opportunities.

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