What’s best? Flaky white fish.


Order this for the VERY BEST flaky white fish available at the time of shipment.  Handled according to the ikejime method to yield incomparable quality, longer shelf-life and a deeper umami flavor, I’m so happy to finally be able to offer this amazing fish.

Fish shouldn’t smell fishy – you’ll see what I mean when you open a package of this fish.  Never soaked, never adulterated – always shipped quickly to you.  Generally it’ll be haddock, cod, hake or pollock, but you never know…



Order this and you’ll get the very best flaky white fish available. I source the fish from Gulf of Maine Sashimi, who works with Gulf of Maine fishermen, training them how to handle their fish  in the Japanese ikejime method, yielding a much better price to the fishermen and absolutely incomparable quality to you!

All fish is cut to order at Gulf of Maine Sashimi and will come in one pound or two-pound bags: if you order 5 pounds you’ll receive two 2 pound bags and one 1 pound bag.

Why can’t you order a specific variety?  Well, the fishermen don’t always know what they’ll get, and I don’t have a warehouse – I take what they bring in.  It’ll usually be hake, haddock, cod or pollock. By offering a type of fish rather than a specific variety I’m able to review everything that comes in and select the very best for you.  So go ahead – let me choose the very best!