What’s best – something different


Let me choose what looks best on the day of shipment.  You can trust me to get you something delicious.



Let me choose what I think looks best.  Maybe it’ll be monkfish (shown in the picture).  Maybe it’ll be skin-on pollock.  Maybe it’ll be something really unusual – who knows?

The fishermen don’t always know what they’ll be bringing in, so join in their surprise – all I guarantee is that it’ll be delicious.   So go ahead – let me pick something for you!

If you have particular dislikes or allergies, please let me know that in the notes section.

I’m working with Gulf of Maine Sashimi now, a company who’s mission for finfishermen is very similar to my mission for scallop fishermen.  I can sometimes tell you the name of the fisherman who caught this fish and where it was caught.

You’ll get roughly one pound of fish, but if I end up giving you bone-in fish I’ll give you a little more so you’ll be sure to end up with roughly one pound of fish to eat.