Thick cod fillets


Thick, meaty cod loins perfect for any white fish recipe.

Cut to order: if you order multiple pounds we will give you as large a piece as possible, making sure no one piece is smaller than 0.5 pounds.



These cod fillets are impressive – they’re thick, flakey and delicious!

Cod is an incredibly important species in New England – it’s what brought many settlers to the area and it’s many people’s go-to white fish. These pieces of cod are thick and meaty, cut from the “loin” of the codfish.

The thickness of these fillets makes them an impressive dinner party presentation.  Please note this cod is cut to order – if you order more than one pound we’ll do our best to get your entire order in one fillet but if that’s not possible we’ll make sure you won’t receive any pieces smaller than half a pound.

This cod will be sourced from the North Atlantic, from dayboats if at all possible.