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Unlike most suppliers, I don’t have a warehouse full of inventory: your scallops stay on the ocean floor until you order them. The difference is incredible: if you’ve never tried Downeast Dayboat scallops, prepare to be amazed.  No, seriously – you will be shocked by just how delicious 100% pure, fresh Maine scallops actually taste.

The difference in quality between Downeast Dayboat and other scallops is remarkable: check out the reviews on “Downeast Dayboat Scallops by the Pound” to see what our customers have to say (click on the “review” tab near the bottom).

These scallops will be the last to come from Maine state waters and will likely come from Casco Bay. They’re  starting to develop a nice blush right now as they store carotenoids in preparation for spawning. Many fishermen prize these “butterscotch” scallops due to their extra sweetness.  Occasionally you’ll even get a bright orange “pumpkin”.  You won’t find those in generic offshore scallops from the grocery store.

Scallops are averaging 12-18 per pound but since they go from the boat to the bag with no sorting, you will get a variety of sizes. They’re packed in one pound freezer bags for easy storage.

You won’t be able to get fresh scallops of this quality again until December so be sure to fill your freezer.  All scallops will be packed in one pound freezer bags and will come with storage and freezing instructions.

Any questions?  Just e-mail me!