Maine Maple Syrup – Dark Amber



Maple syrup is graded according to a scale based on its color: lighter syrup generally comes from the first sap of the season.  As the season progresses the sap (and corresponding syrup) gets a little darker and has a stronger flavor.  Oddly (in my opinion), the lighter the syrup, the more expensive it is.  Personally I like a strong maple flavor, so I love Grade A Dark Amber syrup, which is what I’m offering here.

Did you know it takes somewhere between 40 and 45 pints of sap to make one pint of syrup?  As a kid I’d boil sap down to make syrup with my father, and I can tell you it’s tough work pulling sap out on sleds in February, but it’s worth it!

These quarts come from Maine Maple Products in Madison, ME.  Sorry I don’t have a photo of the product yet – it will be coming in next week, so please note THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ORDERS SHIPPED THE WEEK OF 4/09.  If you want this syrup, you’ll have to choose a delivery date of 4/16 or later.

I show a photo of bacon-wrapped scallops because I like to drizzle my bacon wrapped scallops with a little maple syrup for extra sweetness.