Downeast Dayboat Maine Cheese Sampler


A delightful mix of three Maine cheeses plus a sweet accompaniment.  Each variety pack will include three individually-wrapped and labeled cheeses of different types totaling 16 ounces.

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This collection features a carefully curated selection of Maine cheese available exclusively through this website. Each box includes 1-pound of Maine cheese, varying in texture, flavor, milk, and style, and highlighting the talent of three separate Maine cheesemakers, as well as a perfectly paired local accompaniment. Curated by Local Goods Gathered, an online marketplace founded to promote artisan cheesemakers in Maine. Cheesemakers who utilize the highest quality milk, from the best breeds of cow, goat, sheep, and water buffalo, all fed on Maine’s lush grasses and rich terroir. With intent to make quality over quality, they employ by-hand techniques, making them true artisans. Cheese made with acre, craft, and conscious delivered direct to you.

For each “cheese plate” you buy you’ll get a selection of 3 cheeses, totaling roughly 16 ounces.  You’ll also receive  a sweet accompaniment (generally honey or jam), also from Maine.

If this catches on I would like to offer a wider variety of cheese options, so let me know what you think of your cheeses!