Large Haddock Fillets


Fresh, mild, flaky haddock – the tastiest member of the cod family. Cut to order – these are large fillets.  If you order more than one pound we will do our best to get your entire order in one piece.  If multiple pieces are necessary, no one piece will be smaller than 0.5 pounds.



Ask most Mainers what their favorite fish is and you’ll get the same answer: haddock! Haddock is a flaky white fish in the cod family.  It’s incredibly mild and it’s the ONLY fish my family ever ate for dinner.  We might add hake or cusk to our chowder, but if we were having fish, potatoes and veggies, it had to be haddock.

Each package will weigh approximately one pound (between 0.95 and 1.05 pounds).

Haddock will most likely be from the Gulf of Maine, but if Gulf of Maine haddock is not available it will be sourced from elsewhere.  Possibly even the other side of the Atlantic – we’ll make sure you get whatever haddock is the best available at the time of your order.

Haddock is cut to order.  If you order multiple pounds we’ll do our best to give you as few pieces as possible, making sure no one piece is smaller than one half pound.