Downeast Dayboat scallops are the world’s best because unlike other seafood purveyors, we don’t have a warehouse full of inventory – our scallops stay on the ocean floor until you order them. 

This means all orders must be in by noon on the Sunday before you receive shipment.  Does this require a little planning?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  You bet it is – the taste is incomparable.  Most Americans have never tasted fresh, pure scallops because the traditional distribution system can’t deliver them. And now I’m offering additional Maine seafoods with the same method: I fetch those seafoods on the same day I get the scallops – right before I ship them.

Traditional seafood distribution can’t deliver truly fresh, pure seafood. Downeast Dayboat can.  So go ahead – taste the difference a day makes™

NEW OPTION: Do you want to skip the styrofoam?  Add “Make it sustainable” to your order and your seafood will be shipped in a box with a  ClimaCell thermal insert, fully curbside recyclable!