Buy Our Scallops

 I am no longer shipping scallops this season, so I hope you filled your freezer while you had the chance.  Shipping will begin again in December, but join our mailing list. I plan to offer additional products (maybe even dayboat scallops from other areas) this summer.

Maine produces the very best scallops on the planet, and Downeast Dayboat maintains that quality on their journey to you.  Unlike other seafood providers, we don't have a warehouse full of inventory.  Our scallops stay on the ocean floor until you order them.  They're brought to shore within hours of harvest and are on their way to you within 24 hours of harvest.  So go ahead and order so you can taste the difference a day makes®.

Are you a chef interested in wholesale ordering?  Great!  I love helping chefs show their customers how scallops are supposed to taste. Please call or e-mail me for ordering information.